We’re more aware now than we’ve ever been of the impact of our lives on the world around us. Global issues like climate change have stimulated thinking around everything from recycling and local purchasing to transport and corporate and national energy strategies.

One of the main activities is providing advice around how land use plans may affect the plant and animal species and habitats that exist there. This is a specialised, consultative area where expertise in ecological and environmental issues is provided to to other sectors (e.g. construction), government agencies and others. This often includes complex surveys and impact assessments, ways to manage plant and animal habitats, and guidance around restoring these complex ecosystems.

There is increasing legislation and regulation, both in terms of quantity and complexity, that needs to be understood and applied, increasing the importance of ecological and environmental consultancy. It requires specialist knowledge, and also a flexible approach (where some survey work may need to be undertaken at night, for example).

What this means to you

If you’re a consultant or service provider in ecology or environmental services, technology is probably pretty important to you. There’s complex data that you’ll need to work on and store securely, and potentially access from different places and on different devices. There’s communication with different organisations and agencies that needs to be accessible and timely. There are deadlines to meet, and the technology needs to help, not hinder.

Why we are good

We work with several ecology and environmental consulting organisations, providing IT support and technology services. We operate in Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay, Paignton and Exmouth, as well as the rest of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. We also have clients in places like Hampshire, Kent, London, Northamptonshire and even Scotland.

What we can do

Whether you need support for your current systems in a more flexible, more effective ot more affordable way; are looking at improvements or upgrades but want more information, guidance or an independent and impartial review of options; or have security issues or concerns that you need to resolve, we’d really like to help!