Property development and investment is a complex business process, including the renovation of existing buildings, the purchase of land, and the lease or sale of developed land and buildings and many other aspects. Developers manage and oversee all of these activities; it is different from construction or building, although developers do often manage those processes too.

A wide and highly skilled team is often needed to cover economic, environmental, safety, regulatory and political and process issues that can arise, and development and investment companies may also need to have or work with architects, engineers, planners, lawyers and surveyors, as well as manage financing for a project.

What this means to you

If you’re in the property development or property investment sector, you’ll probably be using a lot of technology. You’ll have extensive information stores covering things like companies, properties, units, tenanices, charges, dates, documents and more. You’ll have a large contacts database for vendors, buyers, contractors, service providers and more. You’ll have ongoing communications concerning past, present and future deals and opportunities.

You need technology that enables you to access and use this, when you need it. Equipment, systems and services that connect you to your teams, clients and suppliers. Agile and flexible support services to get problems fixed quickly if the occur.

Why we are good

We’ve provided IT support and technology services to many businesses in the property sector, locally and further afield. We cover Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay, Paignton and Exmouth, as well as the rest of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. We also have clients in places like Hampshire, Kent, London, Northamptonshire and even Scotland.

We work with larger, multi-site organisations as well as smaller or more specialised businesses.

What we can do

We can look after your servers, your email system (including migration to the cloud), and your internet connection and firewall. We can help you implement and maintain the cyber security and data protection strategies you need. We can provide your technical support, in a genuinely flexible way.