The retail sector traces its roots back many hundreds of years; the oldest shop in the UK is believed to be Boxford Stores in Boxford, Suffolk, which has operated in one form or another since the time of Henry V (about 600 years)! And it’s a huge sector: according to RetailEconomics, the total value of retail sales in 2020 was over £400 billion through more than 300,000 retail outlets.

Wholesalers either buy goods (often in very large quantities) from manufacturers, or manufacture goods themselves, and manage warehousing and sometimes logistics in order to provide the goods to retailers. Like retailers, some wholesalers specialise in certain types of goods (e.g. fresh food).

Today, its a challenging environment for both retailers and wholesalers, with various regulatory considerations, an unfavourable cost base (especially in terms of buildings and facilities, business rates, tax, and staff), supply and stock management, and high levels of competition in certain areas.

What this means to you

Technology is one area that, for some, helps to create opportunities and keep you ahead of the rest. If you’re a retailer or wholesaler, and technology either is or could be a big part of keeping your business running well, we’re here to help.

Why we are good

We provide IT support and technology services to many retail and wholesale organisations in the area. We operate in Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay, Paignton and Exmouth, as well as the rest of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. We also have clients in places like Hampshire, Kent, London, Northamptonshire and even Scotland.

What we can do

Our retail and wholesale clients include both larger and smaller businesses; both established and younger; and both long-term and more recent Think IT customers.

In all cases, we work hard to build a personal connection that helps us to provide services of genuine value.

If you want a company to improve your technical and IT support, dealing with issues promptly, trying to ensure you get the same technical person to help you each time, and only charging for you the time that is actually spent fixing problems, at an affordable rate, that’s what we do.

Well, it’s part of what we do. We also have a full range of IT services, network and communication services, and cyber security services that might work for you too.